Australian produced graphene opens up lucrative US Market

  • PureGRAPH® trademark accepted in the United States – and registered or protected in a further five jurisdictions
  • The trademark is under examination in a further three jurisdictions
  • Development gives strong foundation to engage new, large markets

 First Graphene Limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of graphene products, today confirmed that its trademark, PureGRAPH® has successfully been accepted in the United States.

The development means that Australian produced graphene powder is well placed to open the door to the lucrative North American market.

The Company, which produces graphene, derived from graphite and a crystalline form of carbon, now has its exclusive intellectual property registered in six countries.  The Company is the largest graphene producer in the world and the leader in quality graphene.

With the trademark awaiting approvals in a further three global jurisdictions, First Graphene Managing Director, Craig McGuckin, says that gaining acceptance in the United States is a major strategic achievement.

“As we continue to scale and enhance the processing capability of graphene, the commercial interest continues to grow across a diverse number of manufacturing sectors,” said Mr McGuckin.

“To have achieved official registration and protection of our trademark in the United States, gives us a strong foundation to proactively target new contracts in this large and significant market.”

Graphene has made steady progress since being discovered by two Nobel scientists in 2004, with growing demand in the energy, mining, textile and construction sectors.  First Graphene is the enabler for the commercialisation of graphene, through addressing the supply shortage and setting the standard for quality.

First Graphene produces the product at its factory in Henderson, south west of Perth from where it exports to a global market.

First Graphene’s PureGRAPH® trademark is now registered or protected in the United States of America, Australia, China, New Zealand, European Union and United Kingdom.

For more information, please contact First Graphene Ltd. on +44 (0)161 826 2350, email: or visit