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Distribution Agreement targets NZ concrete industry

  • Exclusive distribution agreement signed to target New Zealand concrete industry
  • Expands sales reach and representation into the construction sector in the region
  • Opportunity to showcase commercial applications for PureGRAPH® product to global concrete industry


First Graphene Limited is pleased to announce it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with GtM Action Ltd (GtM) to provide representation and distribution into the New Zealand concrete market for its PureGRAPH® product line.

GtM is an Auckland-based company focussed on bringing cutting-edge technologies to market and is focused on applications for graphene technology across multiple sectors. GtM specialises in creating a step change for its clientele in terms of productivity, cost reduction and to increase market opportunities.

GtM has several customers exploring the benefits of using PureGRAPH® products, one of these is about to introduce new Graphene enhanced products to its market including dangerous goods storage sheds, products for landscaping and agricultural use.

The new distribution agreement gives GtM exclusive rights to develop commercial opportunities for graphene technology within the concrete industry in New Zealand and in addition, non-exclusive rights to sell graphene into other sectors within the New Zealand market.


laying of concrete


Research by First Graphene and independent testing bodies has shown very small additions of the Company’s PureGRAPH® product can lead to a 34% increase in the compressive strength of concrete and a 27% increase in tensile strength.

Additional benefits include reducing water permeability and providing anticorrosion protection for steel reinforcement used in structural concrete.

Initial studies have also shown that graphene has the potential to enhance the mechanical attributes of recycled concrete products to be nearly equivalent to those of new products.

GtM Action’s Managing Director Mike Ogle said he expects new technologies will bring opportunity to reduce labour while still allowing for highly customised construction of key components of building structures.

Mr Ogle said: “We have an exciting opportunity to help improve productivity throughout the New Zealand construction sector while also reducing the carbon footprint of the industry. With the continual innovation of 3D concrete printing and the incorporation of Graphene reinforced mortars, some of the age-old manufacturing processes will be challenged.

First Graphene Chief Executive Officer Michael Bell said it was encouraging to see recognition of the potential market and geographical interest in the PureGRAPH®product line.

Mr Bell said: “The partnership with GtM Action to exclusively penetrate the New Zealand concrete industry, coupled with the option to non-exclusively distribute PureGRAPH® in the New Zealand market, is focussed on extending the sales reach of First Graphene and the awareness of graphene technology.”

“Graphene has been shown to provide significant enhancements to concrete, including increased strength and durability. Ultimately, that could lead to less material being required in many applications which provides significant benefits from an environmental and efficiency perspective.

“We look forward to working with GtM to develop commercial opportunities in New Zealand and in doing so, to further prove the benefits of our PureGRAPH® product to the concrete industry globally.”