FGR extends commercial relationship with planarTECH


  • Relationship extended to seek significant sales opportunities
  • Builds on previous areas investigated by planarTECH for graphene sales
  • Distribution agreement for full range of PureGRAPH® products


First Graphene Limited is pleased to advise it has extended its commercial relationship with planarTECH Holdings Limited.

First Graphene has been providing its PureGRAPH® products to planarTECH for its face mask production since May 2020.  Further work has been undertaken in anti-static coatings for other personal protective equipment (PPE) being developed by planarTECH.

The two companies have agreed to extend their commercial relationship, with planarTECH also working to sell PureGRAPH® graphene to manufacturers in South East Asia, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

planarTECH had previously established potential markets with manufacturers throughout the region but was unable to access  consistent quality graphene in commercial quantities.

However, having verified PureGRAPH® for the enhancement of its own products, planarTECH has confidence in working with  First Graphene.

First Graphene has a well-established and robust supply chain for the manufacture of their high performing PureGRAPH® graphene products and have an already proven successful formulation that disperses uniformly into polymer coatings.

CEO Mike Bell said with this capacity, both companies are confident they will be able to successfully engage with potential customers previously identified by planarTECH.

“We are aware of the contacts previously identified by planarTECH which required a consistent quality provider of graphene and we plan to work together to build on these relationships,” Mr Bell said.

planarTECH Chairman Ray Gibbs said: “Having worked with First Graphene since last May, we know the Company can provide quantity and quality products on a consistent and timely basis.  We can now engage with previously identified target markets confident in the knowledge we now have a quality supplier.”