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Graphene polymer masterbatch launched to further open thermoplastics market

  • PureGRAPH® Low Density Polyethylene masterbatch product line launched for easier dispersion into thermoplastics
  • Designed to be used in existing injection moulding or extrusion production lines without modification


First Graphene Limited is pleased to announce the release of a new masterbatch product designed for blending with a range of thermoplastic materials to enhance the mechanical and thermal properties.

PureGRAPH® MB-LDPE is a graphene-loaded low-density polyethylene (LDPE) masterbatch. It is provided in chip (pelletised) form and utilises First Graphene’s few-layer, high-performing PureGRAPH® additives.

Designed primarily for use in polyolefin systems, including polyethylene and polypropylene, the product can be easily incorporated using standard processing techniques. It can also be used with polyamide and acetal polymers and is available in all platelet sizes and variable concentrations.

PureGRAPH® MB-LDPE complements First Graphene’s range of Powder and AQUA additives and is the first product in the Masterbatch range. It can be tailored to individual applications or chemistries by adjusting the carrier and graphene type and concentration as required. Several other masterbatch options are currently in development and will be released in the near future.


Background on masterbatch materials: 

A Masterbatch is a solid additive used in the plastics industry. It is a concentrated mixture of pigment, reinforcing material and/or other additives encapsulated within a suitable carrier resin, typically produced using extrusion technology. The mixture is then cooled before being fed into a pelletiser to be cut and formed into chips.


Images of all First Graphene products

Figure 1 – PureGRAPH® products left to right; AQUA hydro-gel, high purity vein graphite, standard vacuum sealed shipping pack, powder and MB-LDPE pellets.


Michael Bell, Chief Executive Officer of First Graphene said: “The LDPE masterbatch has been developed to provide customers with an off-the-shelf, pre-dispersed graphene/polymer carrier that is easy to mix with other polymer chips in existing plastic processing equipment, and will readily fit into existing plastic processing lines.  It’s the first of a series of masterbatch products that are being created to better disperse into materials and to accelerate both the testing and validation of PureGRAPH®, but also the sales cycle time to market.”

Technical data sheet and material safety data sheets available on our downloads page.