Graphene supplier
High-quality raw materials

First Graphene uses the world’s highest-grade graphite ore, with a carbon content of over 98%, from its own mines in Sri Lanka. It is shipped as mined, with no post-treatment, to the company’s graphene manufacturing facility, where it is directly converted into graphene products.

Graphene supplier
Graphene supplier
Electrochemical exfoliation

First Graphene’s own proprietary process for producing graphene from graphite is based on electrochemical exfoliation. It works on the principle of applying a voltage which drives certain ions to intercalate (become inserted) into the carbon layers. The resulting expansion pushes the layers apart.

This high-yield exfoliation process enables graphite-to-graphene conversion rates of above 95%, which gives First Graphene a significant operating cost advantage over other graphene manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing capability

The First Graphene plant is capable of producing 100,000 kg of high-quality PureGRAPH® graphene per annum. The facilities are designed for rapid and inexpensive upscaling and replication of plants in other regions is possible, at low cost. Bulk packaging is available to deal with orders in tonnes rather than kilograms.

Graphene supplier
Graphene supplier
Research partnerships

First Graphene is at the cutting edge of graphene and 2D-related material developments. Its collaborative arrangements with universities and other partners combine the best expertise to develop new applications, open downstream markets and fulfil graphene’s commercial potential. The company’s innovative approach makes it highly responsive to the needs of customers worldwide.

University of Manchester

First Graphene is a Tier 1 participant in the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre (GEIC). Projects include development of applications in industrial composites and rubbers, fire retardancy, construction materials and energy storage.

Graphene supplier
Graphene supplier
University of Adelaide

Working on formulation of FireStop™, a toxin-free and low-cost fire-retardant coating, and development of concrete-strengthening additives for the construction industry.

Flinders University

Commercialising novel and environmentally acceptable process tools for synthesis of graphene – a major breakthrough compared to existing methods.

Graphene supplier
Graphene supplier
Australian Research Council

The Graphene Research Hub is focusing on fire-retardant coatings and polymers, enhancing concrete strength, and testing and strengthening of composites and rubbers.



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