Graphene supplier

Graphene is an exciting form of carbon with outstanding properties that can impart enhanced wear resistance, strength, electrical and thermal conductivity.

Graphene can also reduce noise and permeability to polymer composite materials. It has a multitude of applications across diverse industries including mining, composites, leisure, construction, automotive, packaging, electronics, environment, clothing, healthcare, energy, aerospace, coatings and shipping. The graphene market is estimated to be US$ 100M in 2019 with CAGR of 33% to 2023.

First Graphene Ltd (FGR) occupies a unique position within the graphene supply chain with a number of key features that make us an attractive investment option.

Graphene products

First Graphene is Australia’s most advanced graphene producer. The company is vertically integrated and controls the raw material supply chain. Captive supply of superior raw materials combined with a robust manufacturing platform that can convert graphite to graphene in a single-step process.

First Graphene’s key competitor advantages include:

  • Access to vein graphite
  • A high-yield graphene process, producing few layer graphene (FLG)
  • Ability to produce large platelets with high aspect ratio, low defect levels and high purity. Most competitors manufacture lower value graphene nanoplatelets, which positions FGR as a supplier of premium FLG product.
  • Highly controlled and customisable process that provides a consistent, quality product.

The high graphitic carbon content grade of the vein graphite – 97% – dwarfs that of other graphites around the world providing FGR with volume, processing, and cost advantages over other suppliers.

A credible and established 100 tonne per year graphene production capacity.

Strong alliances and relationships with universities and institutes for R&D and IP access.

Regulatory approval to sell multi-tonnage quantities of graphene within the European Union and Australia.

Commercial applications are now being progressed with industrial-scale partners in composites, elastomers, fire retardancy, construction and energy storage in order to build a sales pipeline for long-term growth.

First major sales imminent. FGR recently received Australian regulatory approval from NICNAS to sell graphene and we expect first sales to be imminent to NewGen Group, which have placed an order for 2 tonnes of graphene for mining equipment liners. Other advanced potential customers include Steel Blue for safety boots and a large composite product manufacturer. FGR expects these could contribute 18-20tpa sales by end 2019.

What is graphene?

Graphene is the thinnest material ever isolated.



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