Are equipment running costs
digging into your profits?

Want your screen media and wear liners to last longer?

Fewer expensive maintenance shutdowns means you can maximise your profits. That’s why you need reclaimer bucket liners, pipe spool linings, transfer chute linings and screen media in PureGRAPH® enhanced rubber, giving you:

Increased Strength
Enhanced Wear and Tear Resistance
Fire Retardant characteristics

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Making the mining
and processing industries
more profitable

Wear protection systems for mining equipment are costly and time-consuming to replace. So increasing their wear resistance cuts your costs with fewer expensive shutdowns – and adding a small percentage of revolutionary PureGRAPH® graphene to a polyurethane or TPU resin mix can increase wear resistance by up to 40%.

Technology proven in the field

PureGRAPH® graphene may be new technology, but it’s already proven its worth in the Australian mining industry. In fact, PureGRAPH® enhanced products are currently being used by several major mining companies, with improved wear rates and longer periods between shut-downs and replacement.

Its improved performance can be seen in tests conducted by an independent NATA accredited laboratory.

TDI based polyurethane thermoset with <1% PureGRAPH® additive show improvements in tensile strength, elongation, abrasion and tear strength.

How graphene works harder

Graphene was first discovered at Manchester University in the UK in 2004. First Graphene now produce this incredibly strong material as PureGRAPH®, a powder that can be added to polymer liners used to protect equipment in the mining and processing industry to improve tensile strength and abrasion resistance.
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