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Nanotechnology coatings developer launches PureGRAPH® enhanced conductive coating

  • Nanotechnology developer Protectology Ltd launches PureGRAPH® enhanced conductive line of coatings, PROGRAPH®
  • Representation agreement signed with Protectology to exclusively promote PureGRAPH® enhanced coatings
  • Expands sales reach and representation into the coatings sector


First Graphene Limited (ASX:FGR; “First Graphene” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce it has signed a representation agreement with Protectology Limited (Protectology) to grow a defined set of clients in the conductive coatings market.

UK based Protectology is an innovator and developer of surface protective coatings, using nanotechnology to enhance the properties of a broad range of products including consumer electronics, automotive and industrial parts.

Protectology has been working with First Graphene for several months to research and develop coatings utilising the Company’s PureGRAPH® product line. The work has resulted in Protectology launching its own product family branded as PROGRAPH®.

Now, Protectology is collaborating with several early adopter industry clients to develop novel surface protective coating solutions for anti-static and electrically conductive applications. As the first of these collaborations, Protectology has launched a sprayable conductive coating for plastic surfaces.

Plastics are poor conductors of electricity and inherently accumulate dangerous static charge. The PROGRAPH® conductive coating dissipates the static electric charge, prevents detrimental effects on electronic and electrical equipment, and facilitates the protection of infrastructure installations such as cable networks.

In addition, final steps are being undertaken on a range of PROGRAPH® coatings, with PureGRAPH® conferring fire retardant properties as well as the opportunity to expand into adjacent industries including composites.

Under the representation agreement, Protectology is subject to a “best endeavours” obligation to actively grow commercial opportunities for its PROGRAPH® range of products, which in turn will translate into a PureGRAPH® supply agreements. There is no minimum supply contract in place as part of the agreement.

The agreement also marks First Graphene’s first commercial agreement with a company focused on the lucrative European market.

The global antistatic coatings market is projected to reach ~$17bn at a CAGR of 3.3 per cent by 2027, due to an increasing growth of the electronics, construction, and transportation markets[1].

Research has shown that PureGRAPH® can be used to produce electrically conductive coatings. Whilst further testing has shown that PureGRAPH® graphene can be used to make durable coatings with good weather resistance.

The term of the representation agreement is for an initial period of two years and gives Protectology the opportunity to develop commercial prospects, using PureGRAPH® technology for surface protective coatings going forwards. There are no other material terms of the agreement or an assessment of economic impact at this stage.

First Graphene Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Michael Bell said the agreement was a major strategic step into the coatings market and represented one of many opportunities for the PureGRAPH® product line to be incorporated into readily marketable downstream products.

Mr Bell said: “The partnership with Protectology enables us to further support the great work completed by Protectology in the development of this exciting market and through a number of valued clients. It’s only the first step into a potentially huge and fast-moving market for PureGRAPH®. The launch of a PureGRAPH® enhanced downstream product line, coupled with the opportunity to enter the European market have the potential to open the way to multiple new commercial revenue streams in the future.

Protectology Managing Director Paul Fairhurst said he expects the use of PureGRAPH® in the coatings market to be a revolutionary step forward in protecting parts, products and functions across a very diverse range of industries and materials.

Mr Fairhurst said: “In line with our existing nanotechnology-based business, the partnership with First Graphene, and the assurance of continuity of supply, enables us to advance a number of opportunities with our client base. The use of graphene in protective coatings is revolutionary and creates a new standard of reliability and protection to various applications and products.”