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PureGRAPH® enhanced bucket liner continues to outperform standard rubber wear linings

The team at First Graphene are pleased to confirm that a PureGRAPH® enhanced bucket liner provided by newGen to a major Pilbara iron ore producer has successfully completed 24 weeks of field trials.  The bucket liner shows no signs of advanced wear or scalloping as would normally be experienced with wear liners that have been in use for this length of time.  The client will continue the trial, with a further inspection to be undertaken in 12 weeks.

The client has also installed a second PureGRAPH® enhanced bucket liner at the same Pilbara mine site.

With the bucket wear liner performing well it is expected further graphene enhanced wear linings will be installed with other newGen clients in the near future.

First Graphene’s Managing Director, Craig McGuckin, stated that, “PureGRAPH® enhanced products continue to provide excellent performance in trials being conducted by this major iron ore producer. We are encouraged by these trials, as only First Graphene has the capacity to deliver high volumes of high-quality graphene to users when they adopt graphene into their products.”

Photographs provided by the client’s inspection team are set out below.

newGEN’s ArmourGRAPH™ bucket after twenty-four weeks in service shows no signs of advanced wear or scalloping.

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