PureGRAPH® Graphene Product Safety

First Graphene Ltd. (ASX:FGR) continues to be at the forefront of the global supply chain for graphene materials. In addition to building a robust manufacturing capability and excellent product quality, the company has also established strong foundations in product safety.

PureGRAPH® graphene products have undergone significant scrutiny from chemical regulators to attain substance registration with both AICIS in Australia and REACH in the European Union. To achieve these registrations the company has demonstrated that PureGRAPH® is a well-defined graphene material with well understood toxicity. Through the REACH consortium and working directly with fellow registrants, testing has been completed at approved laboratories for dermal sensitization, skin irritation, acute inhalation and in-vivo and in-vitro genotoxicity. No negative effects were recorded with graphene materials in these tests, supporting commercialisation at up to 100 tonne/year in Australia and up to 10 tonne/year in the EU.

Product registration details for Graphene (CAS number 1034343-98-0, EC number 801-282-5) can be viewed on the ECHA website https://echa.europa.eu/home where First Graphene Ltd. is represented by our only representative Knoell, Netherland.

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The company continues to extend its global registration foundations and is currently progressing new substance registration in the USA prior to growing commercial sales in North America. The company currently has no product sales into Canada.

The company recognises the importance of product registration for new substances and continues to work closely with national regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with local requirements.