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PureGRAPH® Product Line to Include Water Dispersed Additive

  • Pre-dispersed graphene additive in a water solution allows easier mixing and dispersion into water and solvent-based formulations.
  • Available in various graphene platelet sizes and concentrations.
  • Provides improved mechanical properties when used in cement and rubber applications.
  • Complements range of PureGRAPH® powder additives.

First Graphene Limited is pleased to announce the release of its new PureGRAPH® AQUA range of graphene additives.

The ground-breaking products are pre-dispersed in water and supplied as pastes for easy formulation into water and polar solvent based formulations. PureGRAPH® AQUA is available in lateral sizes ranging from 5 microns to 50 microns providing flexible solutions for customer formulations.

PureGRAPH® AQUA has been developed to provide customers with a “super-dispersed” graphene/water product that is easier to use and mix into water and solvent based products, including paints, latex and cement composites.

The larger platelet sizes available in the PureGRAPH® AQUA range are of particular use in the cement and rubber industries, with the larger platelet size and aspect ratio provide increased mechanical properties.

The pre-dispersed graphene also provides HS&E benefits to the cement and rubber industries.





Mike Bell, CEO of First Graphene Ltd., said “We continue to develop new applications for PureGRAPH® powder additives but after listening to our customers, it was clear that we needed to develop an additional product that was easier to use and mix into specific liquid systems”. He added, “PureGRAPH® AQUA is already on trial in a number of new, exciting projects and we see this new product range opening up a number of new market applications for our high-performing graphene additives”.

Please refer to our new PureGRAPH® AQUA data sheet.