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Supply of PureGRAPH® products to SpaceBlue

(Manchester, UK, October 2020) Space Blue has launched a range of graphene enhanced rubber floor mats aimed at reducing wastage from vehicle tyres, supported by the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre’s (GEIC) ERDF Bridging the Gap programme at The University of Manchester.  The floor mats are made from waste tyres that would otherwise go to landfill or be burned, causing pollution to the environment at the point of disposal.


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SpaceMat® can be used as a doormat at the entrances of homes, offices, public and industrial buildings in addition to its wider applications as an anti-fatigue and an anti-slip mat in public places such as gyms, playgrounds and swimming pools.  Floor mats undergo compression, and a fundamental study has shown that by adding graphene into the rubber, it can double the compression strength, and this increases the durability of the SpaceMat®.


SpaceMat and the GEIC building, Manchester

SpaceMat® with the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre in the Background


The addition of graphene to the rubber formulation can improve the mechanical performance of the recycled material, bringing it close to the performance of a virgin polymer system.

Vivek Koncherry, Founder of Space Blue Limited, said, “We have benefited from the support provided by the GEIC and their ERDF Bridging the Gap programme and we have chosen to partner with First Graphene as a supplier of graphene raw material going forward.  First Graphene manufacture and supply a consistent, high-quality range of graphene additives and this is backed up with the excellent technical support that we will need as we move forward and grow our business.”

Chris McMahon, Marketing Manager for First Graphene Ltd., added, “We are proud to be involved in the SpaceMat® project due to the potential positive environmental implications and the fact that this is another example of how graphene can enable the development of enhanced products from recycled materials.”

James Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Graphene@Manchester, said “We are really excited to be able to support this exciting collaboration and the development of the sustainable graphene enhanced SpaceMat product made from re-cycled tyres. It is also an important part of our model to help to develop viable supply-chains and in this case to see another of our partners First Graphene being the supplier of the graphene material for this application”

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