Update on Covid-19

First Graphene’s key priorities on COVID-19 are for the Company to play its role in limiting the spread of the virus, protecting the health and safety of its employees, delivering value for its customers and stakeholders, and ensuring the Company is implementing appropriate strategies and actions to place First Graphene in the strongest possible financial position in this everchanging environment.





In addition to its focus on the health and wellbeing of the workforce the Company is implementing strategies to ensure it is in the strongest possible position financially. These strategies are focused on liquidity management and include deferment of non-essential capital, cost reductions and continuity of its production and research operations. To lower our costs all staff in Australia and the United Kingdom have agreed to a deferment of 20% of their current remuneration. The senior leadership team has agreed to a deferment of up to 75% of their remuneration.

First Graphene recognises this is a rapidly evolving situation and the Company will continue to put more measures in place as appropriate. “First Graphene is proactively communicating with clients, staff and other key stakeholders to ensure it is best placed to manage disruptions which arise as the COVID-19 situation evolves.” said Craig McGuckin, Managing Director of First Graphene Ltd “we are focused on protecting the wellbeing of our people and working closely with key stakeholders so we can continue to operate safely and effectively during this unprecedented period. What is encouraging is the volume of quality customer engagements the Company continues to receive, even during this extraordinary time.”

The company’s manufacturing plant in Henderson, Western Australia is still in operation at this time and the team continues to manufacture PureGRAPH products and support our customers as commercial adoption continues in the mining and footwear industries.

The UK based staff are all working remotely as the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre is closed following UK government guidelines. Experimental work in the UK is on hold and our staff are actively involved in providing scientific support to colleagues in Australia and customers globally, while consolidating our foundations in regulatory approval, manufacturing strategy, intellectual property and new market development.


For more information, please contact First Graphene Ltd. on +44 (0)161 8262350,

email: info@firstgraphene.net or visit https://firstgraphene.net